USB-C and french keybord Librem 13 V2

Hi everyone!
Is there an USB type C and in option a french keybord in the Librem 13 v2?
I’am a french student with very low budget and very sensible with privacy questions, and I can’t buy a laptop every 5 years… so I just check if I buy a Librem 13 v2 it can fit me and can be compatible with the usb-c new standard!

Thanks for your work!

USB-C will won’t be included with v2 hardware, but we are considering to revisit the design for the revision.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide any layout other than US and UK at this point.

If you consider revisiting the design is it for a REV 3 of the Librem 13 or for the REV 2?


Dear Purism Team,
you seem to make a good job. I am looking since nearly 2 years for maybe purchasing a Librem 15.
However I have two main concerns.
1/ Without localised keyboard layout, you will poorly succeed in Europe (incl. Scandinavia) since we need localisation (on my side swiss keyboard layout CH-DE, CH-FR). It is not on option, it is an absolutely must.
2/ The used CPU (in particular for the Librem 15) is a little weak for my taste. Because of my job, I have to be able to operate regularly with virtual machines and a real quad core i7 (with HT) will be much more convenient. Since you offer already sufficient RAM space (16-32 GB), it is really sad that you don’t provide a more powerful CPU.

Anyway, I wish a good success. Hopefully, one day, I will be able to select a Librem.
Best regards,

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Hi Erwann, thank you for your kind words.

Regarding 1), we are very well aware of this, and we are considering our options, but currently, we don’t have enough interest, thus manufacturing non-US/UK keyboard layouts is not economically feasible yet.

Julio: actually, the latest prototype of the Librem 13v2 does have USB type C (it did not when Mladen initially answered this question). However, no French (or any non-US/UK) backlit keyboard yet. Any specific backlit keyboard layout variant involves huge costs, so it requires enough demand… around two hundred thousand dollars for a given language.