USB C / charging issues

So, I had L5 for over the week now and everything has been OK so far. That is until yesterday - I was working in docked mode, when my screen gone black. This happened before, so I did not think of it much at first, but since then I am not able to plug anything via USB into the phone - phone wont recognize it. This also includes charger. No LED indication when charger gets plugged in. Battery level keeps going down. However onscreen charging indicator is visible, but only if charger is plugged in prior boot. But still wont charge battery, I do not have many devices with USB-C to test the charger - my USB hub lights up when charger is plugged in. And there is change in frequency of sound coming from charger, when phone gets plugged into it. I am worried that by trying different charger for the phone, I will void my warranty.

dmesg | grep - i usb

Has anyone had to deal with similar issue? Thanks

You will not void warranty by using another USB C charger. Purism aren’t that stupid.

This reminds me an issue, which was in previous batches (2:35). However, it should be fixed for a long time.

Here is to force charging for evergreen.

You do have the evergreen version right?

There is different issues for different version of the phone.

Thank you for you response.
Following step in linked document, I get stuck on number 6 - LED remains off.

I suggest that you reach out to Purism support.

Info on how to contact them ->