Usb-c on librem v4

Very happy to see v4s are out. Do these include any improvements to the usb-c port?


what is the total power draw in watts that this usb-c port on the librem v4 can supply ? what about amps ?
can it carry video signal ?

I’m also wondering was are the specs of the usb-c port. Are there any alt modes supported (HDMI or DP)?

there’s already several threads here covering this, but the TL;DR is that it’s just a regular USB 3.0 port with a type-C interface. No extra functionality beyond that.

For future builds, it would be awesome to have USB - C for power and more for peripherals (says this mac user has been itching for years to go Linux with Purism…)

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we are aware and are working to make that happen :slight_smile:

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