USB-C Port Active

Good evening. I just received my Librem 15 this past week. Haven’t really tried, but I wanted to know if the USB-C port is up and running?

I have an adapter that I attempted to use today and it didnt turn it on…per say.

Any insight will be awesome.


when you say adapter, what specifically are you trying to use?

I just tested a USB stick with an adapter on my 15v4 under PureOS, and the USB stick was detected and mounted as one would expect.

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If pressed to guess, it sounds like you are trying to use a USB-C Alternate Mode video adapter to connect an external display to the laptop’s USB-C port.

Assuming fro the moment that my understanding is correct, if I recall correctly Purism has stated in the past that the USB-C port in the Librem laptop is for data use only. It does not provide USB-C Alternate mode video output, nor can it accept power from a USB-C Power Delivery charger or dock to charge the system.

I tried to find previous postings supporting my recollection, however I could not seem to find them today. Maybe someone from Purism could offer a definitive answer (or confirmation).

My previous laptop, my Dell XPS 13, had a thunderbolt port. I had an adapter I would plug in to connect to my TV. I tried the same adapter on my Librem 15, it did not display any video on the TV.

If anyone, like the other posts stated, can answer if the port on the laptop can carry information such as video, that would be great.

unfortunately not, it’s simply a USB3 port with a USB-C connector. It does not support AltMode for video, Thunderbolt, or anything above of the USB3.1-gen1 spec.

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I love my device. I would have purchased it otherwise. I think the information of the device on the website should reference and cover that it cannot move video across that connection.

Granted, I have HDMI, but that requires me to have some sort of audio connection to transport any sound out of the device.