USB-C version of the Librem Key - Nitrokey released the base for it

Can I assume an update of the Librem Key, now that Nitrokey updated theirs?


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I guess Purism will announce when it’s ready, but it probably takes some work to test whether free software runs well for the new use cases.

Upd: It’s just a preorder campaign, so there are no keys available yet.

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It looks like the USB C Nitrokey is based on a design by SoloKeys. So, if Purism decides to use it as a base for a Librem Key, that’d be a Librem Key based on a Nitrokey based on a SoloKey! (…based on a LPC55S6x!)

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if Purism decides to update it’s Librem-Key it should choose to make available a 3-in-1 option similar to it’s usb-sticks that it sells with the PureOS bootable image.

people that want the usb-C only version should be able to do so but the 3-in-1 version is really handy as well. micro-B might be the least bit useful though …