USB mount/unmount logs out current user (Default X11 / GNOME)

I’m on a new Librem 13v2 with latest PureOS.
This does NOT occur when logged in with GNOME on Xorg or GNOME Classic - only GNOME Default.
When inserting a USB volume of any kind (stick, mini, external drive) in any USB port -

  • volume automounts
  • IMMEDIATELY: user is logged out completely (to GNOME login screen)
  • after login, volume is available as expected

This logout occurs whenever a USB volume is ejected as well.

After trying the other window managers with success, going back to default GNOME no longer produces this behavior.
If anyone has info on where i can look at GNOME’s automount , i will explore.

Thank you for posting this circ! I have been having these problems as well for the past few days. It also gets in the way of creating bootable USBs. Whenever I start the process to flash an iso image onto a USB, I am logged out and all applications, including the image creator, is exited. If there is any way for this to be fixed soon, that would be great.

This problem stopped for me when I switched to GNOME on Xorg for 4K support here.

Here’s a cross post similar – and most likely the Wayland problem I was experiencing:

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