Insertion/removal of USB stick crashes desktop

When I insert or remove a USB stick, the desktop disappears and I am presented with the login screen. Also happens with SD cards. I login, and the USB stick is mounted. When I eject it from “Files” the same thing happens; the desktop disappears and is replaced with the login screen.

My Librem 13v2 is running a fresh install of the latest PureOS ISO (20180120). I did not have this problem with the PureOS version that was pre-installed when my Librem 13 was shipped.

Hi @logicprobe,

From this post on stackexchange, what fixed the problem according to the author:

Yep, uninstalling places-status-indicator solved the problem!

Give the following command a try:

sudo apt remove places-status-indicator
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Thank you! The “Places” extension was indeed the problem. I had enabled the “places” extension in Gnome, but I did not need to uninstall , just disable it.

I may find that PureOS Prometheus 8.0 Beta 1 is usable after all! :wink:

I experienced the same problem, and confirm that setting the “Places Status Indicator” Shell extension to “Off” makes the problem disappear.

@mladen you may want to add this to the troubleshooting section of Phriction wiki, as it is likely to occur again?

Edit: alternate solution found in this post

Would you mind reporting this to our bug tracker here, please:

Will do, when my account is approved :wink:

@logicprobe @circ I’m reporting the problem on the bug tracker, I’ll come back in a bit with an issue number if you want to add some context (let’s not create duplicates here)

Edit, Task reference : T322 - USB mount/unmount logs current user out of GNOME with Wayland

Thanks. I’m waiting for account approval as well.