USB mouse suspension

After the last update of my librem 15 v3, my usb mouse loses control of the cursor after a few seconds of inactivity, and I have to click any button to reactive control. The trackpad continues to control the cursor without any intervention required.

I found this superuser question/answer ( that looked promising, but I’m not seeing an /etc/laptop-mode directory.

Anyone have any insights?

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The last update of over a week ago disables all USB after disk decryption. If I plug in my USB mouse at the login screen it works and continues to work.


Thanks! That fixes the issue for me, too.

Hm… to me, that is a workaround, not a solution. I guess we should open a task in the PureOS tracker.

@Caliga Done:


This is interesting- why does it do that and where can I learn more?