USB port don't work with 2.0 devices, only 3.0

After my adventures with “adb” my usb port break down. I can use only usb 3.0 devices over it, and can’t use usb 2.0 mouse or memory stick.

I connected Huawei tabled and executed this command:

adb uninstall -k --user 0

and it said that i need to enter in shell mode adb shell and use pm uninstall inside shell. Issue happens after this message. Tablet was disconnected from system instantly (it just disappeared from system), and i don’t able to see it over this port. I done my work over other USB port, but now this port don’t work even in Coreboot! Strange, but i can charge over this port and connect my USB 3.0 drive!

I do few reboots, and nothing happen. OS: Debian Stable.

What happened?