USB ports of mini not working


I own a librem mini since approximately a year.

Since many month I have problems with the USB ports. Basically I can not use any USB data storage device or camera.

What does not work:

  • different usb-devices USB1, USB2 and USB3 devices; USB-data-drives externally powered WD-HDs

  • an USB-C usb-hub which is powered externally connected via the USB-C on the back

I also tried a different power-supply with same specs for supplying the mini, without any change.

I tried all ports on the front and on the back.

What works:

  • USB-powered speaker (only powers the speakers uses the headphone-output for audio-input) on one of the ports on the back

  • logitech USB-tongle for keyboard and mouse on ports on the front

I currently have Ubuntu installed to test a USB powered camera but it looks like that I can not install/test pureOS via the USB-Stick because of the mentioned problem. The USB-Stick is recognize from bios at power up and pureOS screen is shown but I does not start up.

For me it is a hardware problem around the USB ports.
Did I overlook something.?
Any hints what I can test before contacting the purism support?

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No, unless you want to disassemble your Librem Mini and inspect the internals yourself.

Hi @howil , thanks for the detailed report.

Do you think these problems occurred on your Mini since you received it, or did they begin later? Do you think you updated the firmware at any point?

Could you try the USB port tuning preview build I posted? Librem Mini v1/v2: Feedback request for USB tuning preview build Please read the description, as I’ve applied different tunings to different ports in order to get feedback on multiple tunings in one build.

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What could I fix myself?
Wouldn’t that invalidate the warranty?

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Are these changes temporarily or is new firmware flashed without a way back?

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The link that was provided specifically covers that situation.

To revert to the current release firmware, just use the usual instructions: firmware / utility · GitLab

(So, in that sense, the change is persistent but not permanent.)

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Simple USB port alignment and photography of the internals.

No, disassembly is fine. You can take the time to clean the fan grilles and other typically neglected tasks. If you have not upgraded the internal components since your purchase, this is an opportunity to consider it.

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@howil Did you have a chance to try that firmware?

Based on some feedback, I’ve prepared another build with different tunings. This is only for USB 2.0 for the moment, USB 3.0 likely has room for improvement too but it is a different set of tunings.

I would appreciate any feedback if you are able to give it a try, I added it to the same thread: Librem Mini v1/v2: Feedback request for USB tuning preview build - #2 by jonathon.hall

Just as before there are no permanent changes to the Mini v2, you can revert to the release firmware at any time. Only the blue ports are changed in this build, so try your USB 2.0 devices in those to see if they are improved.

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Please see Librem Mini v1/v2: Feedback request for USB tuning preview build - #3 by howil