USB printer issue : impression error direct after print launched

On my librem mini, through pureos or inside the windows VM in virt-manager, the print stops after launch (Brother laser hl1110) , through USB.
First it displays ‘printing on…’ Then 1 second later ‘error printing …’ Then printer stays blinking like receiving a task. After minutes ,a blank page is ‘printed’ without emptying the print-list.

Sometimes it works but it is very unstable. Even after removing driver/ reconnect…etc. Looks to be a hardware problem (sudden disconnection after launch). On my Surface pro laptop with Debian or windows or windows VM , no problem.
Nothing found on the forum…
Thanks for your help all.

Drivers from brothers don’t always work. Have you tried ipp-usb?

apt install ipp-usb

Here’s listing of instructions for mint but still under debain.