USB sleep-and-charge ports?

Do any of the Librum laptops have at least one sleep-and-charge ports?

These USB ports continue to supply power when the laptop is off, allowing you, for example, to charge a smarphone when the laptop is off. This effectively makes the laptop’s huge battery a mobile charger – which is a very important feature for backpackers (and us digital nomads).

Laptops with this feature usually have a lightening bolt icon (a distinct icon from thunderbolt’s icon) next to their sleep-and-charge usb port or differentiate it by color.

Note that this feature goes by many names. Asus calls it “Charger Plus” or “Charger +”. Dell calls it “PowerShare”. Toshiba calls it “USB Sleep-and-Charge”. Acer and Packard call it “Power-off USB”. Lenovo calls it “always-on USB charging”.

Please let me know if any of the usb ports on any of the Librum laptops support charging other devices when the laptop is off.

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Just tried on my Librem 15: all USB ports can charge a device when the laptop is off and plugged-in. When off and unplugged, none of the USB ports can charge a device.


Thanks for the test results!

So this concludes that the Librem 15 does not have the feature I need: to be able to charge my phone while the computer is off and disconnected (effectively exploiting the fact that the laptop I’m lugging around in my pack is already a huge battery bank, letting me plug my phone into it for a recharge).

Where can I request this feature for the next Librem laptop?

PS: I think this is more of a relevant feature request for the Librem 13 “road warrior” – as it applies more to us digital nomad backpackers who would go for ultralight & thin notebooks.

You already got a answer to your exact question; I can add that USB ports on my Librem 15v4 supply power when the laptop is suspended and unplugged. This is not as neat as USB power supply with the laptop off and unplugged, but this still provides a nomad power supply.

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