USB tethering with windows


I would like to ssh into the librem 5 from my laptop through the USB-C cable provided. My laptop has also an USB-C socket.

When I connect my laptop to the librem 5 with the USB-C cable, I can see an usb0 interface appear on the librem 5 side and, on my windows 10 laptop a CDC ECM device appears. However, this one does not appear to be usable, it is shown in the “Device Management” of windows 10 but does not appear as a regular ethernet wired interface as it used to on linux with same laptop.

Following this (section Connecting the Pinephone to windows via USB), it seems that windows 10 has no appropriate driver for the CDC ECM protocol. Instead, it uses the RNDIS one.

I tried once the script provided in the aforementioned link, but it failed with last line.

I will try again, but in the meantime, I am curious if someone succeded in ssh’ing into the librem 5 from a windows laptop through an USB cable ?


That script should work, but its last line is device-dependent. On the Librem 5 it would be echo "38100000.usb" | sudo tee UDC

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