USB Type-C features

Hi. My friends have laptops with USB type-c connector. First laptop is usual Asus laptop, another one is Macbook pro. Also i have friend with USB type-c on smartphone with usb2.0→usb-type-c cable. What if

  1. connect Librem15 to Librem15?
  2. connect Librem15 to Macbook?
  3. connect Librem15 to Asus?
  4. connect Librem15 to themself using usb2.0→usb-type-c cable?
  5. connect Macbook charger to Librem15?

Can i damage my and my friend devices?

USB-c should be safe in any combination.
Especially the high power charger lile the macbook one which deliver up to 20v 5a are doing this only if this is explicily negotiated_emphasized text_ between the devices.

Asfar as i remember the librem dose not support charging via usb-c. So connecting a charger does nothing. Connectin notebooks would requier one device to go into some sort if slave mode. I don‘t know if any of these are abelt to. Maybe there is some adhoc commection protocol for usb 3.x

I wouldn’t do 5), current Librem models do not support USB-C power delivery, it’s a data only port. I don’t think it would do harm, but I’ll not be the one to test that. Connecting device to device is fine

What usage modes are available when the device is connected to the device? I can create network connection between devices or emulate keyboard using type c port?

anything that’s supported by the USB 3.0 (or USB 3.1 gen 1) spec. Type C is just a connector, it doesn’t imply functionality of the underlying port.