Use L5 as VR (just glasses)

I read that steam is based on Linux Debian so it’s fully compatible with Linux! Is there a way to use L5 as glasses to play VR games?
In my case I’m using oculus quest vr for training (I don’t like play games), eg: thrill of the fight for boxe or pistol whip, great for squats, but I don’t like their close system, their scheduled obsolescence, being spied, that I can’t buy those training games but just rent them (eg. as training reflexes I’m using onward. I paid it but now they removed from oculus 1 because it’s too old for them!! That’s very bad! Instead of leave it playable (ok, maybe without updating like happening to Android, that could be acceptable) they decided to remove it, forcing us to upgrade the device to have it again)!! Now I understand piracy and players that download cracked stuff and use it!
So I really hope that Linux will develop open source VR games allowing to use, as VR, our L5s. I want to pay for it, I don’t like people work for free!! In the meanwhile someone tried L5 as VR for steam?

I’m answering not to “is it technically possible”, but “does it make any sense”. My answer is no.

L5 is heavy … for normal use case it’s okay, but as glasses your face (nose) has to wear all the weight. The resolution is too little to have good experience. You will see spaces between the pixels, because L5 comes closer to your eyes. That is not only “wired” to watch all the time, it also ends with the effect that your brain creates negative colors after watching it for some time. So let’s say you watching L5 for 10min and then you watch against a white wall. You will see a lot of stripes on the wall that does not exist (goes away after little time). That’s little exhausting for the eyes.

Maybe a Linux mobile device in future is better for such use-case. However, there are not even a lot of good VR-games and the few are are made for Windows and have proprietary code (not sure if there is one or two also made for Linux), just to keep in mind.


@dos playing Neverball in VR mode with the Librem 5: Sebastian Krzyszkowiak 🦣 (@dos1): "Ok, maybe it's not that impressive for a regular person in 2020, but right now I'm playing Neverball in VR mode using cardboard headset with fully FLOSS GL driver (etnaviv) on a GNU/Linux phone (Librem 5) and it's damn amazing! :D @puri_sm #librem5 #mobile #gnu #linux #phosh" | FDNitter

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