Use Librem 5 remotely? Health and security


Alex Jones went on an anti-cell phone rant today (mostly 5 G, but everything).  I was wondering if someone clever out there could figure out how to use a Librem 5 phone at a distance.  For example, Can the Librem 5 respond to verbal commands?  This would allow me to issue a series of audio commands sent through a wire 1) "Librem: Turn on transceiver"
  1. “Librem: Dial wife”
  2. “Librem: Hang up”
  3. “Librem: Turn off transceiver”

or abbreviate 1 and 2 to “Call wife”.

If audio wouldn’t work, perhaps the next best thing: Blue Tooth? I’d like to keep the transmitter/Antenna ten meters from me.

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  1. Don’t take advice from Alex Jones. Ask experts
  2. Blue tooth works with transmitter/Antenna
  3. No voice commands initially. But possible. Search the forum for Mycroft.
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some people in my country rent space above a block of flats to cell tower companies. what now?

For a phone that hasn’t been released yet, this is difficult to answer.

How will this work if you are out and about? In a lot of places, if you put your phone down and walk 10 metres away, your phone won’t be able to hear you (too much background noise), and someone will steal your phone. :slight_smile:

If this only needs to work at home then it isn’t really a “mobile” phone any more and perhaps you can get a 10m cable to plug into the headphone/mic socket.

I have some oil I’ve been developing that when rubbed onto the body prevents the absorption of all unwanted radiation. I’d be willing to sell you this so that you can use your phone without worrying about the wireless transmissions of the cell towers, radio stations, TV stations, GPS satellites, etc.

I have seen pictures in history books of handheld phones with cords that could reach up to two whole rooms away within a house, I’m not sure if this was a full 10 meters or not but it may be worth investigating if this style of phone could be made to work in the modern day.


That’s easy. Keep the phone in an RF-shielded pouch until you are somewhere where you can make or receive calls. The expectation that people need to be reachable immediately is relatively new and not shared by those who’s time and attention is valued highly.

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I completely agree with this :slight_smile: I am of the mindset that if I am busy or the moment is just inconvenient, I’ll call back later.

But I have one friend who seems offended if I don’t pick up/call back right away. The issue with phone calls is they require full attention when you are on them, and often I can’t give that right then. I’ve gotten spoiled back message apps where I can jump in and out as needed.

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Or… use the kill switch? :sunglasses:


Considering how Purism is developing things and the lack of any announcement of voice control, I wouldn’t expect something like this at launch. There has been conversation about AI and digital assistants in other threads here that could be worth a read.

It is true that no cellular / RF is good for you, and 4G has caused concerns, but 5G is the real kicker. There have been no legitimate safety studies done on it, as proven in congressional hearings. What is known about the technology and what it can do to living things is very concerning, to say the least. As with vaccine manufacturers, the manufacturers and operators cellular tech have legal immunity from any injuries the technology may cause.

A little bit of a detour:

I agree insomuch that Alex is a bit tapped, but if you look at his track record, he has reason to be. He’s said some outlandish things over the years, some of which has been incorrect. If you look at the whole of what he’s spoken about, much more of it ended up being true than false. In every instance he’s been branded a cooky conspiracy theorist. Having the kind of insights and knowledge he’s proven to have over the years and always being defamed would make any otherwise-sane person rather tapped, I would think.