Use LibreWolf as default in PureOS

Librewolf developers have the same goal as pureos/purism that Focused on privacy, security and user freedom. why purism does not use librewolf? i want to use this because i dont wan firefox-esr i want always the latest release

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Here are the installation instructions for Debian and its derivatives:

You will need to change the second line to the Debian codename your PureOS operating system is based on.

Byzantium (10.3):


Afterwards, either open Librewolf and accept the prompt for it to be your default browser, or manually configure the default browser using Settings.

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I think I installed it as a flatpak.

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Okay, either option should work then. You can also use about:preferences and change the default browser from there.

Probably because it is based on Firefox-Release which sometimes abruptly breaks CSS customizations that are necessary for the browser to fit and work properly on a mobile screen size. Firefox-ESR (and browsers based on it) are a more stable option that only change CSS stuff once a year.

I definitely prefer the stability approach and not needing to update my CSS to constantly fix things. I also use arkenfox for securing my browser, and I prefer this approach to the Librewolf approach. But I still have Librewolf as an alternative broswer and for testing to make sure my CSS stuff still works.