Use of librem 13"


I use a MacbookPro 13" exclusively under Linux (ubuntu), but it becomes old and I think to replace it. I’m looking for, and I’ve discover the librem. The ideal for me would be the equivalent of a macbook pro in open source. It seems that the Librem 13" could be good. But I saw that there is some problems with the hardware. Is somebody could try Ubuntu live on an usb key in order to see, when you use the proprietary drivers that you can get with ubuntu, if the hardware run properly and in particular the wifi. Thank in advance for the answer. Sorry for my approximate English, but I’m French.

WiFi works with our PureOS, which contains no proprietary drivers. Therefore, it will definitely work on Ubuntu.

Ok, thank you. But in the forum I red some complaints about the hardware and in particular about the wifi. Someone complaints that the wifi was limited on the distance, because the limitation of the driver. It’s for the reason that I asked if someone could try ubuntu on the librem. To decide to buy the librem I need more informations. In particular about the quality of the screen and about the sound. For the screen I need to know the luminosity in cd/m2, the delta E of the color, the temperature of the color in K, and the gamma curve. For the sound I need to know the curve of the output according the frequencies. Has the company already made the tests ?

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