User accounts on L5

Since I plan to use a lot the commandline on L5 through ssh, I miss some information about users and passwords.

The default user is purism as I know. The screen unclock code is 123456. Is this the password of user “purism” or not?

If yes, then what if I want to change it? Should it always be numbers? Because I see the unlock screen has only numbers. If no, what is the password of user “purism”?

Now assume I prefer to see my name at the command line and not “purism”. So I need to create a new user (OK I can change the PS1 variable too…). The wiki says do it from the commandline. Suppose I do it. Can I unlock the phone screen with the new user’s credentials? and password must be numbers?

I think these issues must be clarified in the community wiki (or elsewhere).


Yes, it is. Therefore is is best to let it be only digits since otherwise you cannot unlock the lock screen anymore. :slight_smile:

This I don’t know, how it decides which user gets to login, if it expects the special name “purism” or if it takes the first user, or something. Would be nice if it was possible to configure that in some way.

The unlock screen doesn’t display a name. The passcode is the new one that you will set (all digits). The new code is assigned to user purism.

for reference:

Maybe a developer can shed some light on these questions. Maybe if the system sees two users the login presents a choice. Could this be true?

I find this useful … maybe I need to share a phone in some cases with my wife for example. Or is this a bad practice? :joy:

At least I learned that the passcode must be numerical… But this must be added to the wiki…


This is currently not implemented. If you want it, a good start would be to hash it out on the phosh issue tracker.


Thanks for the answer but I am not in a position to understand your suggestion. I have unknown words/notions in your phrase.

In any case, maybe you could answer what is going on with the one user named “purism”. Is this user the only one that can unlock the screen? For example what will happen if I change the name of this user to “myusername” and change the home directory too, to “myusername”. Am I locked in “purism” user or not?

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Don’t be afraid to ask about them.

If you’re looking for a graphical tool to change the name of the default user, there isn’t one.

I think @antonis was more referring to if he changes the purism user to e.g. antonis that he will probably no longer be able to log in.

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OK, then I will ask. What does this mean? Where do I go for this?

And yes, as @maximilian wrote I ask if I change purism to antonis using the command line will that work? The screen lock works with the numerical value user id or with the user named purism?

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And what is a safe way to change purism to antonis. Maybe “purism” is set in a system file I did not think of. This is why this should be in the wiki.

The issue tracker is where discussion about the relevant software should be generally happening. For phosh, which is responsible for unlocking, it’s here:

I remember changing the user while testing. I think there was some configuration file with the user name somewhere, but I no longer remember where.

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thanks @dcz maybe I will ask there. (at phosh)

About the user, maybe a grep -r -e purism /etc/* will reveal the file…(?)

Until this is officially supported, I would expect the name to be hardcoded in multiple places. The mobian wiki has a description of how to change the ‘mobian’ user to another name and given the similarity of the distros it could be that it works. But IMHO it is a lot of risk for little gain at this point.


I really hope the login screen is a temporary placeholder for now. Having numbers only pw for the whole system/GPC is… less secure. Meaning the keypad needs to allow a full keyboard (and what would be great: in any language the system has - usually the user’s default, but why limit it). The default user could be selected by default, but it should definitely be a list in case there re other users (like any modern linux GUI login, selectable). It’s unfathomable that GPC/phone whouldn’t have multiple separate userprofiles, since having multiple users using one profile is not private nor secure. Having a separate login/locksceen pin and a boot/firstlogin/sudo pw would be good and better security as mere pin would limit possiblity of system compromise.

I agree that multiple users would be useful.

@spaetz very interesting link. The script is simple but I found more interesting things there such as “Prevent Sleep when SSH-session is active”. I do not know however if this affects L5.

I’ve never once in my life shared the use of a cell phone with another person. :thinking:
However, this is also a computer, so I guess it could make sense for that usage.

I take it you’re not with family, perhaps, or never had need to loan a phone for a call. Maybe after these get fixed people start doing that again (it used to be normal… back in the day).

Exactly! I may want to lent it for a use as a computer, or I may want to give it to my kid to play without risking my files and configuration.

Today’s “normality” requires no sharing for commercial uses too. If you share who do they profile, how efficient will surveillance be?

So L5 must bring this feature back. I agree with @JR-Fi