User accounts on librem5

Hoi guys

I create a new user account in terminal on my librem5
How to activate this new user and delete purisme?
I am unable to do this in settings or anywhere else
Anybody has solution?

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My understanding is that there is no GUI for this, nor any easy shell command for this.

You should review: How to change username and also the Issue linked from that.

Notice the suggestion there that rather than using a new user account, you just rename the existing user - if your goal is simply that you don’t like having a default user (purism). Renaming an account on Linux is itself messy (involves changing in multiple places).

Either way though, I have two recommendations:

  1. First create a second account that allows ssh access in (and a running ssh server of course) and that account must have sudo access - so that you can easily get in to fix whatever you break. (Since you have already created a second account, that account could be the starting point for this step but you would now have to rename it if you are wedded to that account name for your GUI user account.)
  2. I would not recommend this exercise unless you are at least somewhat experienced with Linux - you should know your way around the various files that determine users, groups and passwords. With that caveat then set about renaming the purism account.