Using GPG on "that OS that starts with a W"

Warning: I’m about to use a bad word

Is it possible to get a retrieve a GPG key already stored in my Librem key within (here it comes) Windows 10?

the Librem Key is basically a NitroKey.
They support Linux MacOS and Windows.
I do not know if Windows has the required PC/SC driver installed, But I think you just can get it at
NitroKey’s webside.


FYI: The Librem Key is basically a rebranded Nitrokey Pro v2. The Nitrokey Windows apps should work for normal interactions with your Librem Key.

Just one more thing.
If you mean really “retrieve”. That will not work under any OS.
The point of a smartcard is that the key is not copyable.


Thanks. This helps. I don’t use a Windows machine very much (other than gaming) but in the off-chance I need to use my GPG to send an email in Windows, I want to know what my options are. Thanks!

Retrieve as in, utilize. Not copy. I’m familiar with how TPM and smartcards work but wasn’t sure if Librem Key was specific to linux only.

Thanks for the reply!

Thanks for this. Didn’t know it was the same as the NitroKey. This helps!

gpg4win is the answer, see instructions for integrating youbikey gpg with windows, itr works same with librem/nitro key gpg

there is no way to get private key out of the smart card, but nothing stops you with using smartcard in windows.
when you will get gpg4win working, you can even integrate it with thunderbird

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