Using Megapixels to Make Photographs

For your interest, here’s a quick rundown on using the Megapixels camera application on the Librem 5.

I just made a few very quick photos in natural filtered light, to illustrate back and front camera operation, using a familiar subject that also shows printed text for reference. I didn’t expend too much effort on getting the parameters perfect. I included a few screenshots of the camera app screen to show the controls.

The subject was very close, in order to obscure the background.

Back (main) camera screenshot. Note the four controls at top; tapping on each one calls up a slider for manual adjustment, with other typical options at bottom of screen:

Back camera screenshot:

Back camera photo:

Front (selfie) camera, actual photo. (Note the reversed image…whuh?):

Front (selfie) camera, screenshot. Only three controls for the photo settings; no focusing (typically) for selfies:

Others have posted nice photos that they put actual effort into producing, so you can check those out if you want to see some images of better quality!


Flash isn’t operational yet, by the way…but you can always turn on the torch for more light! :waning_crescent_moon: :bat:


Maybe not if using the selfie cam. (On the iPhone, it appears to flash the screen to maximum brightness if you enable the flash and are using the selfie cam. I have not tested how effective that is.)

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I love rigatoni! Pics look pretty good too


De Cecco is a good brand :smiley:

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Anybody tried to install megapixel from the pmOS repo? Haven’t been able to get it to install due to dependency issues. Is there a functioning early alpha version for the L5, I only need the main camera to work on the selfie cam.

For forum members who might not be aware, just a note that this app was superseded some time ago by a fork with more features, so all of the above instructions no longer apply.

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… but a few days ago the original creator of Megapixels wrote a post which indicates letting it work on the Librem 5 is near. :slight_smile:

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Cool. Good news, but presumably the update will introduce more advanced functions than described in this tutorial.