Using non-latin language on Librem 5

The work on Greek support for squeekeyboard has completed. The el.yaml file works fine; it is fully functional. So I would like to submit it. I did not change any dimensions. I just rearranged a little bit to keep most lines to a max of 10 symbols.

Dear Dorota please find the current file at the same link I gave you in the personal message I sent yesterday.

Do you put comments in these files? I only ask for the case that some user may have some trouble to know who to talk to.

Finally another feature request which should be simple in squeekeybord, is that a double click on keys with a locking action (such as Shift_L) should lock the view in place for more than one character.

If you require another procedure for submitting please advice me.

Thank you to all for all the help.

Thank you! I’ll get around to it this week.

Sure, you can put your copyright there, or maintainer info. I chose yaml specifically to allow comments.

I have something just for you!


I added my name/contact info. When you get the file just drop me a note to remove it from the server.


very well :grinning:

I thank the Spanish user for his work.
I made some small changes to make the Italian keyboard (better than the one that currently appears with Qemu image) and I requested the merge.

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I made some small changes to make the Italian keyboard (better than the one that currently appears with Qemu image) and I requested the merge.

I guess the Spanish keyboard is finished with my last commit, at least by the time being.

I’ve got a question for you
Why when I update the file /home/purism/.local/share/squeekboard/keyboards/es.yaml nothing happens in the keyboard after restart it? that use to work few days ago and all the keyboard keys are dark now since last update.


Can you send the console output that appears when this happens?

Are you still working on the Russian layout?

Yes, I haven’t had a chance to get back to this but the activity with the other languages has been exciting and helpful to watch. I will try to work on this later this evening.

I was originally concerned about how to test my changes since I don’t have a DevKit but there has been some guidance on that now and I do have an emulator setup.


My mistake.

I just send a commit with the modification you told me and some improvements, I hope it’s fine now hahaha

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A fantastic! Thank you for doing that. I’ll not take it up then :slight_smile:

Greek was added. Great! Thanks Dorota.

Can someone point me to the correct way of submitting? Because maybe after I see the keyboard on the phone it may need some small adjustment. This time it was Dorota who added the file I gave to the project.

I will also add multiaccented Greek (polytonic) when the long key-presses are implemented. (each vowel has many accented variations and can not be done using more views; it would be too complicated for the user).

Like this:

Check the Spanish keyboard, it’s a lot better now, if you remove/add what you need for Italian It will look more ‘standardized’.

I guess almost all the especial characters you need in italian are already in, because I added support for Catalan and both languages share some characters aswell.

ok thank you for this.

You can see my current progress here:

@dcz I’ve committed my initial stab at a Russian layout above. There’s been a lot of change in the last 2 weeks with the removal of corner_radius and such so I where I had started from the nb.yaml initially I’ve now based this on the more recent work @uzanto did for Spanish. I still need to test this and there are probably some things there still that don’t make sense for Russian, but I wanted to let you know my progress on this.

Once I’ve had a chance to test and tweak it, I’ll submit a MR.

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This is great! But I do wonder, where is the key for [ Ъ ] твёрдый знак ?

Yes, good eye. That is missing as well as ё. In the layout I was referencing (BB10 / Z10) those symbols were entered by long press on ь and e, however as discussed above, there is no “long press” feature in squeekboard yet. I think I will need to do something like @uzanto did for Spanish with a special button to show a new view with these symbols, but since there are only 2 of them that seems like overkill. The other option might be to try and squeeze these into the numbers or symbols view.

The number/symbol view does sound like the better option for just 2 extra characters. At least until long press is supported :wink: