Using non-latin language on Librem 5


You can try to add them to the bottom line next to space like I did, something like this:


  • “й ц у к е н г ш щ з х”
  • “ф ы в а п р о л д ж э”
  • “Shift_L я ч с м и т ь б ю BackSpace”
  • “show_numbers preferences period space Ъ ё Return”

You will need to adjust buttons measures but no symbol view will be necessary.


I like this solution probably the best.


I’ve added a fancy Kana-only Japanese layout:

Japanese users, please test, and, even better, make fixes! The file can be downloaded here:

All contributors: that keyboard might be interesting to you if you want to learn what tricks can be pulled off with your own keyboards. It’s quite different from all the others so far!

Librem 5 on screen keyboard
UI Request: arrow keys on virtual keyboard!

Thanks for the Kana-Keyboard @dcz, I’ll gladly take a look at it.

As I didn’t see a German layout around, I just made an initial version of a German keyboard layout, based on @uzanto’s work.

The first tests with tests/ seem to be OK. As a next step I forked squeekboard and pushed the new de.yaml. What would be the next step? Waiting here for feedback and/or do a merge request?

EDIT: Here’s the Merge Request (MR 227) for the German layout.


Thank you!

The feedback process always starts with an issue/MR on for all projects. Then people can review and comment, until the maintainers are pleased and merge it in.

This thread looks like an exception, but you might have noticed I’m not giving advice on particular keyboards, only explaining general concepts :slight_smile:


Two more keyboard layouts and the corresponding merge requests: A German keyboard layout derived from the other European keyboard layouts and a Japanese keyboard layout based on the work of @dcz, but with a 12-key Kana layout.

The files for the layouts can be downloaded here: de.yaml and ja+kana.yaml.

The German keyboard additionally includes most of the French accented characters, but there was not enough space for all of them - sorry.

The Japanese layout is a classic 12-key Kana layout with additional layers of Latin characters and numbers. Maybe it could be used as the basic keyboard layout for Kanji lookup in the future - but that’s still far away.

Please test the layouts and give feedback :slight_smile: