Using Raspberry Pi to Access the Internet


Guest WiFi > Raspberry Pi 4 B 64OS > Ethernet Librem Mini PureOS/KDE Plasma

I thought using Raspberry this way would provide more security and speed (local ethernet).

I’m open to general comments, and the right config settings. 64 Bit OS seems to configure much automatically. I’m just don’t have the right IP settings on KDE . I’m seeing data uplink/ downlink on my KDE network settings, just no results in pulling up websites on my browser.

I’m also open to security risks/ benefits here.



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Can you explain why you thought that? What are the alternatives and why is this better?

One thing you could try is to ping some public IP address, for example like this:


If that works, try pinging via a domain name, for example:


If the first works but not the second, then that could indicate a problem with DNS.

I got the idea from a private vpn group (rob brax). I heard ‘twister’ is an alternative but I don’t know anything about it.

I suppose another alternative is to use one of the purism devices as a private wifi hotspot.

I have tried pings like that earlier in the week, and no connect on either. But the error was slightly different on each. The domain name said something like ‘need more resolution’, and the ip just set ‘no connection’ or similar.



In terms of your why question, it just seemed sensible to have a device between the purism devices and the internet connection - that seems like one more layer of security . Thanks.

Here’s a good article on the topic:

You may probably be interested in Pi-hole:


Thank-you. I now see the challenge much more clearly.

I’ve instaled the WIPD app on raspberry, so I’m getting much more network info. Also, I’ve discovered that the wifi and ethernet jacks on raspberry use the same bus, so I have to have at least one usb adapter for either the wifi or the ethernet or both.

So, I’m just loading the wifi adapter driver now, and I have a feeling this will make everything much more clear. On the desktop now, I can see all the manual network settings for the pi, so this is a huge step forward.

Thanks everyone, I’ll let you know if I sort this, this weekend.


That link does not seem to be working? (I get 404: Page Not Found)

Apologies, it went glitchy for a bit after I found it but this one is now working for me:

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Ah, yes, that link works. Wow, that’s detailed! :slight_smile:
It would be interesting to hear if you manage to get it working.

Honestly with the WIPD app now working on the raspberry, I think it won’t need to be so complicated…but I am hitting a wall tonight with the usb wifi adapter driver…the lsusb command recognises the device ####:#### make model etc, so I’m surprised I need to do much more to ‘enable driver’…learning curve here… :stuck_out_tongue: