Using respin and other live-CD creators as a backup solution

Hello purists,

I have been struggling to find a decent solution for effective backup of my system so as to be able to reinstall from backup device.

I have looked at rsync based solutions (eg Timeshift) which have not been very easy to use when trying to restore my system.

I have 1 crash so far which I had to re-install from and simply had to re-install from a live-CD which is straighforward.

Hence, my approach now is to try to build a custom ISO from my current installation and then build a live-CD from the ISO as a backup solution.

I came across respin, a fork of resmartsys for Debian installations, however it is dependent on sysvinit. PureOS uses systemd and as a result I am unable to install it.

I have been searching alternative solutions and come across 2 that are being maintained,

Linux live kit

is anyone using this kind of approach for backup solutions? If so what tools are you using?


Systemback for Debian 9 is maintained by Edmund.

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