Using VoIP account for calls

Is anyone using SIP account (for e.g. with Librem5 successfully?

I can login with chatty and messaging works without any issue, I can receive MMS (link), can’t send MMS but that’s not very important right now.

I can setup account with gnome-calls, U can receive and place calls. However I’ve not been able to get any audio at all as of now. I would like to get calls working without any issues.

I read their FAQ, but I didn’t quite get it. Do they give you a SIP address or did you have to get one elsewhere to use with jmp?

Did you configure to use sip? It can be setup to either use xmpp or sip for voice. If the jmp account is setup for xmpp for calls then sip will not work.

Something worth checking.

You can get required info by chatting with (through xmpp)

How do I see my JMP number and usage, and change other settings? [m] should already be in your contacts, and can be used to view and change a number of settings for your JMP account. You can find a complete list of options by typing "help" in a new conversation with the bot, or get a wizard in supporting clients by looking for an "Execute Command" or "Actions" option.

If you do not have in your contacts and try to add it, it is just "" with no "@". Some clients will give a warning about adding such an address, please press "Add Anyway".

There are commands like info, to get SIP info command is reset

Is this something I can check? I basically followed reset flow.
Actually yes I use SIP instead of XMPP, if configured correctly.
I can send and receive calls but there is no sound.

Send “configure calls” to the cheogram contact

Then go through the prompts.

I can send and receive calls without any issue, however there is no sound at all (either through speaker or on other side)

Try linphone and see if that works to narrow down if it’s the application or potentially something else?

[EDIT1] figured out how to sign up account, will check back here if I can’t find SIP details
[EDIT2] I think I configured it correctly. However how do I dial phone number from Linphone SIP? It requests Enter a VoIP address and I’m not sure what to add in front of phone number

Would you mind pointing at steps to setup Linphone? I tried linphone on pinephone but couldn’t finish setup previously.

I don’t even know where to get SIP account for Linphone and once acquired where can I find SIP details. I’ll try to look it up again as well.

I installed dino 0.3 from bullseye backports and it seems to work well.
I’ll keep trying to figure out SIP and update the thread if I find definitive issue.

Yes but that version it is not for Phosh. If you want a Phosh version go for: then install manually. SIP work on L5 like native unnative.


Sorry not sure what do you mean by

Like sip work on core and uncore app.

Sorry i not a English Speaker then it is extremely painful to follow this forum

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Ah ok so gnome-calls app (core). I don’t know any uncore app.

Thanks this works pretty good, I guess only downside is : I can’t just dial phone numbers (need to save them first)

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Do you mean you need to create a contact first? Before you can call that number?

I’ve been using old android phone for VoIP calling, haven’t used Librem5 for VoIP in a while.
Using Librem5 as normal phone with SIM.