Vacationing with the Librem 5

I have my Librem 5 now. It arrived a few months ago. Although I might buy more products from Purism in the future, I avoid funding them, when possible. As with Google, I send them money only when they have something I want but can’t get any other way. After everyone who wants a refund has received one, and after the PureOS app store is more fully developed and stocked with good apps, I’ll reconsider that position. It wouldn’t hurt if Purism apoligised publicly for a few other dis-honest acts and started publishing more (or at least some) financial information about the state of their company. I am also waiting to see if the other shoe drops as Purism sells unregistered securities to unqualified investors in their business. Todd has a strict business model that contains many elements that I detest. So they get no charity from me. As with Google, sometimes you do business with the devil to get what you want.

I would suggest downloading the Aurora store app. It is a front end for the google play store. It will install things without google play. I would try that before i tried to put google play on there.


Just an FYI:

  1. Google no longer sells the Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro. They are currently getting rid of their stock of Pixel 6a and are selling it for $249!!!

  2. The Pixel 7 is on sale now for $449 since they are going to be releasing the Pixel 8 on Oct 4th. Apparently the price for the Pixel 8 will be a big bump over that.

Yes, I bought the Pixil 6 Pro over a year ago. Like any smart phone, they quickly drop in value over a short period of time. I did spend just short of $1K on it.

I guess the good part about the drop in new phone prices is that you can get in to a phone running Grapheneos pretty inexpensively now.

Oh and also, Google won’t make you wait several years for delivery and won’t outright steal your money (as in no money returned and no product delivered either) if you ask them for a refund.

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I usually do my downliading anonymously from the Aurora Store at between 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM. If the rate limit hits, I just kill the Aurora App, re-open it, and continue. When done this way, rate limits are only an occasional annoyance, but you can still download a lot of apps quickly.