Value of L5 for tax purpose

I would like to know how much value the L5 was set at on the L5 shipping paperwork. The fees/tax/tariff/duty is partially set by the value of the device.

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This answers your question (and I have no doubt that it indeed does answers your question):

I think in this case it should probably depend on what the original buyer paid.

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I do not think anything (just know on why I posted above post):

Most governments consider “value” to be either purchase price or retail price at the time of purchase, but it depends on your specific government. My advice would be to either read up on your local tax code, call a local tax professional, or call a local lawyer that specializes in tax law.

I emphasize local here so that you get relevant feedback for your laws as opposed to someone else’s laws or an outsiders interpretation of your local laws that if wrong has no negative impact on them.

In short, to clear the fog:

I will have to wait for the package to arrive with waybill to find out what the price is/was of the L5 that DHL used to set their fees. Too late to challenge DHL though.

Details and My responses below:
I wanted to know what value Puri put on the waybill so I could challenge, if need be, DHLs fees based on value. Yes, the Post said $600. USD. Then it was changed from $600. USD to $850 AUD to accommodate easier exchange. But I thought the phones start at $1,300 (1750. CAD) with a wait list. Did the waybill value it at 1300, 1750, 600, 850. ?
I’ll have to wait to find out the posted value on waybill if it gets here in a week or 2.

Sorry. Not a answer. I can hope that “$599” was the value placed on the waybill, but would dig my heels in on the VAT. If I was wrongfully charged European VAT, VAT based on what price?

Value-Added Tax (VAT) is a tax, which is payable on sales of goods or services within the territory of the Member States of the EU. The tax, in all cases, is ultimately payable by the final consumer of the good or service. Each party in the chain of supply (manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer) acts as a VAT collector.

Whopping great deal 600 vs. 1300. I might save almost half the cost if it’s delivered.

@Quarnero It’s not that I cannot afford the sudden additional unannounced charges by DHL whom I once respected and used, but no more. It’s the principal of the matter. I do appreciate your offer to help fund DHLs bottom line. I’ll pass but thank you kind sir. This L5 was intended for Jim, so he paid the ransom early this a.m.

I once needed to order 6 special plastic screws for a client. Cost in CAD $6.50 for screws - Shipping UPS $95.00 US!

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Thanks @OpojOJirYAlG but it’s not about the laws. It’s about the value of the device showing on the waybill, which I won’t see until it arrives. The ransom has been paid.