Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile? And which modem is best for them?


Hopefully some US manufacturers are taking notice of the L5 and are planning on producing domestic m.2 config basbands in the future.


And with the blessing of the relevant carriers.


Wasnt the gemalto and broadmobi both certified for major US carriers? I coulda swore I read both were.

Listed under certifications “CTA/3C/CE/FCC” No mention of carrier certifications.


I was meaning if a US manufacturer made one.


so the broadmobi might not even work sans carrier cert? uhhh boyyy i thought i had this all fingered out.


AFAIK there are none manufactured in the US. I’ve long been considering this as an alternative once I receive mine. It at least mentions that they are working on US carrier certifications.


dont see any voice support anywhere on that page .


If you click on the SPEC download the PDF says "Digital Audio and VoLTE (Voice over LTE) ". Not sure if thats good enough but was willing to try if the price was good enough.


That only means that it’s capable of doing it. Still, doesn’t warrant that’ll work with a carrier


This is far more than I have seen than for the broadmobi. If you have the secret spec sheet please share.


That’s good. I thought it was a reference of just having VoLTE. Looks promising.


That’s called Carrier Aggregation (listed as CA on the spec sheet screenshot 2 posts above mine) and is part of the LTE standard.


So, missing 2 out if 3 bands, does get you inferior service in a way.


Since youre following its development be sure to let us know when its ready for sale .


Listed for sale, not in stock though. Also not as cheap as I would like but this is the lowest price I have seen outside of a bulk alibaba order.

My opinion may change over time depending on when I get my LIbrem 5 and what the market is like at the time.


This is a potentially dumb question, but are you sure there’s a driver for it?


Drivers won’t be an issue.


Ah, my cursory glance was too cursory. That is encouraging


So far , to me this looks like the best modem for US. It’s pretty advanced in all areas and has all the bands and of course most importantly VoLTE. Now, this pending situation for certification has been for a long time. We can only hope it comes soon enough. For us , who choose Evergreen or Fir , it should be ok.
I would gladly pay $90 for this chip. Since it’s gonna be in stock in 8-10, if I was in in the first 3 batches, I would order it now. If it ends up certified, keep it and if not just return it.
If in the end , all checks out , I don’t know how will this chip affect the phone itself , considering that it has integrated GPS. L5 is designed to have them separated for privacy - security reasons.
Though, this chip has superior GPS (multi constellation) I would use over the one pre installed, I don’t know if it’s gonna cause more of the power consumption and how it all end up communicating with the phone.
Do we just keep the OG GPS switched off all the time ? Does PureOS even have this additional integrated GPS as an option - would EM06’s GPS work at all?