Video Chat Implementation?

Since the advertising for the Librem5 seems to imply the ability to video chat, how do we foresee this being accomplished? Not really a feature request, just wondering if anyone has an idea of how this might be implemented on the Librem5. Are there any goto apps that would allow this to happen in a FOSS environment as expected on the librem5?

…also 6 months to go!

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While I haven’t seen the specific implementation discussed, the Matrix protocol, which will be used heavily in the Librem 5 communication stack, does support video calls, so I suspect this will be the route Purism goes.

For instance, you can already make video calls with the client.


Thanks for the response! Not a fan of but I appreciate what it is doing. Really hoping they clean up everything for Librem5.

Purism intends to use fractal for Matrix communication. Implementation of video chat in fractal can be tracked in the Gnome issue tracker for fractal:

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I have a personal server with nextcloud. As you know nextcloud has the talk application for video calls. Given the presence of matrix will I be able to use talk on librem5 in your opinion?

Nextcloud Talk also requires an Android app. While a Librem 5 app could be developed, I have not seen any work on such. Nextcloud is partnering with Purism but I was under the impression that was mainly to provide a basic file sync/share app akin to the current Nextcloud for Android.

I do not think that the presence or absence of Matrix will affect Nextcloud talk.