Video conferencing on the Liberty Phone

Understandably the Librem 5 I own and now the Liberty phone have come a long ways. If certain apps come up with aarch64 support such as Jitsi Desktop, would the Liberty phone currently have the graphical horsepower for doing video conferencing or is x86_64 Librem 11 still a better candidate. Or could this be leveraged through an external webcam doing the software/hardware processing? Or has libcamera come along far enough that it is functional for live video calls. Just for reference I have not tried any of the methods above listed yet.

Try it then.

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From my understanding apps are not able to recognize the cameras just yet.

I’ve been meaning to try an external webcam. I don’t do much videoconferencing for personal reasons so I haven’t bought a USB camera though.

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Or if you want a more freedom-respecting instance of jitsi:

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And if one instance is not enough:

The only community-run public Jitsi Meet instance I am aware of from this list is from the FSF.


As Sarcasmo220 said, USB-cameras work fine. There is still some work until internal cameras will be recognized by apps. But this will come, including privacy options which apps have access to camera and which not. A detailed plan exists and as far as I know GNOME works together with Purism to solve this.

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I haven’t heard any updates to libcamera support in apps from Purism since their post here: Cameras: It's Complicated – Purism
Thankfully, libcamera (libcamera/libcamera.git - libcamera official repository) is still receiving updates actively.

The camera module isn’t connected to the device via USB so most applications won’t be able to recognize it. Even the new GNOME camera app doesn’t work with the internal camera. The only way to have a functioning camera is to use an external one.

I just tried to connect with Firefox to Jitsi. Sound works but not the camera. So incoming streams are fine, but we do not stream video from L5 to the Jitsi server.

Moreover jitsi-desktop app is not available in PureOs. The command
apt-cache search jitsi-desktop
returns nothing. I would like this to be available at least on my PureOs laptop.
Can I install it from Download | Jitsi ?

Is there any information on when this functionality (working cameras) may become available?

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Not that I know. But this is a problem for every app right now. If you have an USB-webcam, plug into your phone and it works (I already tested it). The libcam-devs working on this I guess, but there are some more steps to do for a proper implementation (including a system to give apps right to access camera or not, etc).

About Jitsi itself, I don’t know.


Yes, PureOS is based on Debian, so you can use this link.

Let us know if using the app is any different from the Firefox method.