Video playback smooth with Firefox 78 ESR

Firefox 78 ESR has dropped today in the PureOS Amber repo :partying_face:

Here are my stats watching today’s LTT video at 2k/1440p.

YouTube: Stats for Nerds
Viewport / Frames 1920x960 / 0 dropped of 2803
Current / Optimal Res 2560x1280@30 / 2560x1280@30
Volume / Normalized 100% / 100% (content loudness -2.0dB)
Codecs vp09. (271) / opus (251)

Also only hitting 23-27% CPU usage at 1440p/30. Lower at 1080p and 720p.

So on my dual core Librem15v4 I’ve got no dropped frames, no hitching, just smooth video web video with a newer codec but FOSS codec (vp9). This makes me extremely happy. Another happy win for Linux and FOSS.


OMG tesing now on mini and Librem5

this is the latest version after

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade


note that this update just landed and it was the only one available at the time on my machine …
there have been few updates happening over on PureOS 9 Amber (stable) which is probably a good sign

@Richard it’s much appreciated that you keep us updated here on the forum for important things like the main-browser (FF-PureBrowser).

if people forget to update their PureOS regularly they might miss important updates/upgrades. keep up the good work !

I just discovered this. I run Firefox on Mint 20. I don’t know if sharing this here is appropriate butting in on a topic and if it’s not I apologize . I seem to be the last one to find out about stuff
Disable Firefox Location Spy

Yeah firefox sucks.

But this is cool!

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