Virtualbox, KVM, gnomeboxes on PureOS

Looking to get a Librem 14 and would like to see if people are running virtualbox (which I am very familiar with), KVM or gnomeboxes with success.
I’ve searched and most of the searches are old and I found out the the proprietary parts of virtualboxes is the guest additions and the extension pack which I’m guessing makes a straight forward install in PureOS more complicated. I’ve never used KVM but I have had it recommended so If anyone can offer advice on that I’d appreciate it.

I know virtualbox on Debian 10 with great UX but on my Librem 14 and mini I did not install it because of privacy reasons. I tried with gnomeboxes but with problems with win10 VM and too less options. With ‘virt-manager’ I feel at ease with all I my needs : Win10, pureos VMs, lots of options, a good compromise between VBbox and gnomeboxes. But plan 16Go of RAM minimum, 32 is better.

Thanks for the reply. I might just stick with qubes methinks.