Does the Librem 15 support virtualisation, ie for Whonix?

The Librem 15 uses an Intel Core i7-5557U which does have VT-x and VT-d extensions. So, yes.

Also, given that Qubes is to be pre-installed on Librem laptops, and Qubes heavily uses virtualization as it’s based on Xen, you can safely bet that virtualization works. Also I have a Librem 13 and have used both Virtualbox and Qubes on it.

I’d forgotten about Qubes coming pre-installed starting in March :stuck_out_tongue: My bad!

@Kyle Rankin: VB actually doesn’t require visualization to function. (unless you were running it in the Linux VM.) :slight_smile:

^ by ‘it’, I mean the guest OS. :stuck_out_tongue:


I already ordered my Librem 15 at the beginning of November last year (Order 23842).
At the time, I didn’t have an option to select an OS.
Does anyone know if it’s still possible to have Qubes pre-installed on it?

Michael VW

Yep, just mail and mentioned what you want to change in configuration.

Thank you Zlatan!

So the Librem 13 has vt-d right?

Yes. Please have a look at the cpu info on our store (the link will take you to the cpu’s detailed specs on Intel site).

How’d Virtualbox fare on this machine? Did you find it worked well?