VisionFive 2 RISC-V

I immediately had to think about the MNT Reform and their research in Risc-V.

Maybe they would be willing to evaluate putting an existing SOC like the StarFive StarFive JH7110 onto a CPU board for the MNT Reform to offer an alternative to the pricy MNT RKX7 FPGA Module.

I guess someone would need to organize the customers (and the money) to make it possible.

I bought an A770 graphics card a month ago to use it in a machine with coreboot, this machine has ME disabled, and it is also pcie 3.0(pcie version not matter much), the problem is that i can’t get the A770 card to work, trying to find out why not working, i saw a video of an intel engineer saying that it requires ME enabled to work properly, since then i stopped get work my A770. I wanted the Intel card A770 card because it is AV1 encoder and free software driver, plus powerful gpu.
My computer baseboard it is:


Can you show the video in question? I remember there was some initial misunderstanding about that in the beginning.

Well I guess the test then is … if you don’t disable the ME (HAP bit) then does the graphics card suddenly start working? But of course I understand you might not want to do that test. :wink:

Given that you have paid actual money to buy an actual Intel product … and it isn’t working … maybe you should ask Intel.

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JH7110 Preliminary Technical Reference Manual including memory map

Well i do not want enable ME. I still have some troubleshooting to test like linux 6.3 and Mesa 23, so i guess that the next evil-opensource-ubuntu version i will use it to testing again.

Yes i will when i found the video.

Right, but still very very incomplete. But I am confident they will complete this. Writing such documentation is very work intense…


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This was published today:

I ordered one few days ago, idea is to use it as a low performance workstation. Worst case, it’ll end up as a NAS or home server of some kind. It should arrive in about a month, I hope, so I’ll report my impressions then.


New powerfull+ SOC-SOM RISC-V 14nm 2.0GX4

Will this Risc-V SOM compat with MNT Reform?

I have one Startfive 2 risc-v and it work ugly ATM, it promises to work fancy next Debian version for.

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System76 found a hack to disable ME by HAP and keeping S3 working in newer Intel SoCs 11,12,13