VLC (flatpak version) on L5

This is the flatpak version of VLC on the L5. Video playback is fine.

Landscape mode, default screen resolution: Not all menu items are visible or selectable (can’t drag your finger up or down beyond the visible ones):

You can switch back and forth from portrait to landscape to get all the items within the longer menus:

And then watch in landscape:

Or just watch in portrait mode:

Or you can use Scale Screen to reduce the scale slightly, after which you can see and use all the menu items in landscape mode:

Audio files play just fine, too:



I used the Medium dpi (1.5x scale) setting in Scale Screen to make VLC fit better:

Is it possible to scale on a per-application basis or is this maybe in the works just for apps that are not (yet) adaptive?

That would be nice. At present, I have to adjust down manually, then adjust up manually again when I’m done with the non-adaptive app.

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Too bad it can’t be (?) tied to the volume rocker button - zoom with +/-. Would only need some way to select if its volume or zoom (or something else) that’s being adjusted. Any way to make that user definable even?

By the way, setting VLC to FullScreen Interface (under the View menu) almost gets you all the menu settings without having to reduce the scale, so that might be enough for most uses.

I think VLC needs to be nudged a bit to know that there is a usecase that needs a bit of work. Seems there was a similar ticket a few years ago but I’m not sure if anything came of the subject. However, some of the optional skins may help and apparently you can set mouse/touch gestures on to ease use.

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If all applications came with + and - zoom buttons in the menu bar, that would help a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:

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can you try MPV ? (Celluloid ?) do you have any AV1 encodes you can test ? i hear newer 'droids have good support in hw for AV1-playback …

Celluloid flatpak fits the screen perfectly, but plays mp4 and MKV in a kind of odd, continually chopped way, like it’s skipping frames at a predesignated rate.
MPV native PureOS app when opened shows only one thing: “Drop files or URLs to play here” with no other controls or any menus at all. Since I can’t really drag a file to it on the L5, well…

I don’t have anything in AV1.

I see what you did there. :wink: