VoLTE Solutions

As many as you know, VoLTE is a complicated matter.
I would like some clarification on what is necessary
for VoLTE to properly function on my device both phone and carrier side.
What is the cause for VoLTE not working?
1.) BM818-A1 has VoLTE.
2.) BM818 .deb tools allow me to toggle VoLTE.
3.) Certain BM818-A1 firmware versions not allowing for VoLTE?
2.) Can Mint Mobile toggle VoLTE accessibility by IMEI if it doesn’t think the BM818-A1 modem is capable of VoLTE, or think its only a data-only device? (whitelist certain devices to have VoLTE access based off IMEI; but other devices to only have 2G calls and 4G data because its not recognized as a name-brand phone.)

I already have a VoIP jmp.chat account. I would just like to prioritize VoLTE with my current physical SIM.


Lack of finalizing VoLTE has prevented the L5 from being my everyday phone.

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