VoLTE support progress

So, which firmware version did you flash?

The instructions I got from @joao.azevedo was saying

sudo apt install ./firmware-bm818-nonfree_0.6pureos1+librem5ci78950.0a39dc2_arm64.deb

It is true that the repository had also a 0.4 version but I will not do that unless I am explicitly told it should be done. Because I use the phone and I need it to be working.

By the way what is this CBS Enable?

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do you remember the link to the repository? Since i cant receive mms or send id like to try.

MMS and VoLTE are not related.

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Did the call went trough?

Is the username on your phone purism the bm818-tools package will need to be tweaked if the username is different.

ok gotcha my bad

The answer to both questions is YES. Calls go through but it drops to 2G. I have not changed anything relating to user purism (no other user, just the default).

One thing that might be different is that I have not updated the calls app. i do not know if this might be the reason. I did not update because the current is alpha and had some issues. Maybe they have been resolved now though. Should I upgrade that?

In the past (a year ago) I had tried to execute some AT commands for VoLTE. I do not know if this has saved something to the modem configuration. Is there a way to do a full reset of the modem?

But something looks different than before:


+BMSWVER: M100E_YCSN0_1.0.0_220926,YCSN0_M100E_1BAD_3117_V1.0.0.2_20220930,M100E_1.0.4_200715



Previously instead of GPRS it was saying EDGE. Does this mean something?

All in all, it seems to me that this VoLTE thing is becoming a bit of an uphill struggle.
A few people claim the solutions offered above work for them, most however report negative results (including myself).

@joao.azevedo: Can anyone, please, curb my pessimism?

Yes: both 2G, GPRS being even worse than EDGE.

Is that the name that can be changed under Settings --> Users, or is it the first bit of the command line in the terminal?
(I take it, it is not the device name; the bit that can be changed under Settings --> About (and which shows up as the second part of the command line prompt, after the @).

So I upgraded to get to something worse? :unamused:

It probably also depends on what the network has on offer on the particular antenna your phone connects to.

It seems that things are very premature. Forget the problem of L5. For example why one can not test the modem if it willing to make and LTE call or if it can make an LTE call? I ask because this answer has become very common. “it depends on your network”. Forget the network. Why I can not test the hardware if it knows how to do things properly on its side?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying your network is at fault. It is the L5 that makes a 2G (or 3G) connection instead of a 4G/VoLTE connection. The network just replies in kind to what the L5 asks for.
And there is not all that much difference between GPRS and EDGE, both being early (around the year 2000) enhancements of the GSM network. The first has a speed limit of 170 kb/ps, the second doubles that to 384kb/ps.
If you are somewhere on the edge of the GSM grid - i.e. in the jungle or the Siberian taiga - it could be down to the network only offering very basic facilities, anywhere else, it is most likely the L5 that lets you down.

Okay. So, any advice on how to get VoLTE working would be most welcome…

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So it seems @wimdows that we are in unknown waters.

Can you share what WNO Wireless Network Operator name, FirmwareModemVersion, ModemModel, Das-Uboot and Country at least?

Is there a terminal command that would provide all this information?