Vote for more development time?

We voted with our cash, who thinks there could be an advantage in voting more development time to maximize the chance of success for the initial Librem5?

I would think (and hope) Purism would just ask for more time if it was necessary. This is a huge mountain for them and there is no shame in taking longer to scale it than planned.

I think your money has already voted for what you are suggesting if it is necessary. I think the real question is whether people understand the difficulty of the task and are willing to show patience.


so just to make it a little clearer why things can’t go any faster.

more development time for a few man team does not make up for normal development time of hundereds of developers and engineers.

you probably thought - well at this rate purism probably won’t be able to catch up to the other players such as Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Theese big 3 A-G-M have been at it for a very long time (20 years minimum). have you seen the big UFO like shapes of Apple Cupertino center, nVidia’s center etc ?

they didn’t just sprung up overnight even if they have also been hard at work for all those years.

if we want to supprt purism and see things move quicker we would each first have to aquire the same or better skill-set required for a happy marriage between hardware and software to occur. needless to say such a personal undertaking is no small task and just writing about it would not cut it either. this method would be pointless at this moment in history as it would resemble the kind of brute force attack method used in order to crack passwords.

the ideal situation at this point in time would be for A,G,M etc to say “OK what Purism is trying to achieve is better and more suitable for human nature than what we are currently doing so we would like to fully support Purism and learn from them how we would go about trying to change our ways”. then LIFE would go on … in a better way

so in the meantime two things - LEARN and CHANGE or PATIENCE.


Edit: yes I am using “feature complete” incorrectly but I could not come up with a more correct term. Please use the context clues and this disclaimer to try to understand what I am trying to communicate.

As someone who has been an early adopter of bot Microsoft and Google items in the past, I don’t think expecting the Librem 5 to be 100% feature complete AND stable upon release is realistic. As none of the “competition”/“alternatives” has done that when releasing something initially.

With that said, it doesn’t mean not to strive for feature complete and stable. I think it is reasonable to release once the core functionality is complete and stable.

This viewpoint is based on the premise that I believe MOST of the people invested in a Librem are either early adopters of other technologies and in turn familiar with the pro’s and con’s of that, or have strong Linux backgrounds and will either understand or be able to help by having access to the device. Yes there may be some people who would complain about this, but I think there would be just as many if not more that would complain if delays continued with the goal of stable and all of the desired features stable as well.

I trust the Librem team to make the judgement call(s), and don’t think any vote is necessary.

I know what I bought and I’m willing to wait to get it at the quality point I expect :slight_smile:
Let’s be honest, there is a lot of criticism in other venues from mostly people who haven’t bought one. Intentionally or not (perhaps just keeping with the current ‘meme’) these people are trying to sabotage my phone by making it a rush job. I sincerely hope that purism is ignoring the peanut gallery.


By “more development time” you mean extending development beyond
the April deadline, right ?
I’m all for it !
I hope some day in the near future, having a Linux smart phone will become as simple
as installing Linux on any mainstream smart phone - At no cost - Like having a Linux desktop.
A smashing success with Librem 5 will be a major boost in that direction
and encouragement to the open source smart phone movement - which is
motivated by ideals - not money.


I can also wait. No problem.


I agree on the patience but this discussion made me think of something else. I know the fact that in order to develop software or do in the free time or is a job and if it is a job must be paid because you do not live in the air. Assuming that a corrected fee costs $ 45,000 a year and assuming that three developers for the librem5 serve the purism team, the cost would be $ 135,000. That’s not a small amount. But if we, about 4500 buyers, decide to contribute to the free software movement and share the cost, 135,000 / 4500 = $ 30 per year. This would be a small revolution.
or simply buy their vpn service


I paid already and I vote for more time if needed! To own a reliable Linux phone that will protect me or my family, I’m all for giving reasonable time to get those things! Librem 5 cost for me is small compared to what I have already spent for phones, years and years of cost for the blue screen of death, not to mention the MS tax, and for being the sales product on all the
different platforms I’v used. I’ll be glade to be waiting for the Librem 5 and for version 2 when it hits the pipe line also!


I can’t wait. They made it clear the April shipment was basics with continuing improvements and updates down the line. I’m ready and I’m so glad the Librem 5 and Purism are a thing. Especially considering the tech giants and their nefarious ways. After the cluster that was Canonical and the Ubuntu phone, I’m ready for the Librem 5 and counting down the days.

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I can wait. While at 1st day I contribute it even no return. Contribute is contribute.

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Against. Q3 is late enough. Just work a little harder.

I don’t think you understand the monumental undertaking Purism has set out on. I doubt there’s a single employee working a mere 40 hours per week. I’d expect at least 60, if not more. And human effectiveness drops off pretty quickly in the 60-80 hour/week range, so working more than that isn’t a terribly good use of time anyway, at least for any sort of prolonged period.


Just a vote. No value judgement.

(Can’t wait to have the actual L5 in da house… Of course it would be great if the L5 is without error at shipping date. But Q3 sounds like a much longer wait than April.)

if it’s work time we’re talking about then the ideal situation would be something like this for productivity/fatigue

6 working days a week for 8 hours each day is 6x8=48 so 48 hours of ACTUAL WORK beeing done each week.

that is of course not talking about individual study, preparation, documentation, organisation etc that is normally carried out outside of paid work hours. something like an aditional 8 hours each day.

all this leaves just 8 hours for rest and nutrition (combined). THIS WOULD be the ideal ratio between productivity/fatigue but then again since we’re voting it might not be so ideal :wink:

That is all work too. I don’t think Purism employees are paid hourly. I suspect they have a salary, meaning they are paid to get work done. It doesn’t matter what time of day that work happens.

I’ve done extended periods of 12 hours/day, 6 days/week. That is 72 hours/week, which is probably the threshold for sustainability. And it ain’t fun. The 16 hours/day you suggest just doesn’t work over long periods of time, because now you’re relying on <8 hours of sleep and less time for meals and any sort of leisure, which is important for mental well-being. So I would argue that is far from the ideal productivity/fatigue ratio.

Sure, some crunch periods require high-intensity bursts (several days of 16 hours+/day), but you have to compensate that with several days of relatively low intensity days to recover.

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you’re not wrong. i have qoted these numbers based on an ideal situation. meaning close to 0 polution of any kind. no stress from outside sources. 0 exposure to desease or contaminating patogens (that would be somewhere far from populated areas - in the mountains maybe). heavily controlled and monitored diet based only on 100% vital/energetic super-food-types. close to 0 loss of focus-energy related to projects. this has been observed/documented in the lives of several Orthodox Saint figures throughout history. that’s why i said IDEAL. as you might imagine such a state is only attainable through outside help (the so called hermit techniques).

so yes purism staff you all have to become hermits in order to please the allmighty voting comunity !