Vpn client setup anyone?

Anyone done a successful openvpn client setup on pureos?
Investigating safervpn.com which has ubuntu instructions,
but those (involves network-manager/gnome)
don’t apply to debian/pureos.

Could you try this https://wiki.debian.org/OpenVPN

Connecting with safervpn is really easy.
The instructions on savervpn.com for Ubuntu work just fine.
The connection configure is the network symbol (an applet) on the panel
at the bottom of the cinnamon desktop.

Once i realized the network-manager was actually available…

So yes, I feel like a dunce for asking :slight_smile:

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Hi, I have an account on shadeyouvpn.com and you can download the pre-configured VPN configuration file. In Networkmanager you may choose VPN connections/Configure VPN.
Than choose Add, Ethernet and when you scroll all the way down you see the option of Importing a VPN connection. If you don see this, you will have to update Networkmanager, for example via synaptic package manager.
If you can see the VPN import feature than simply click on it and browse to the formerly downloaded VPN configuration file form your provider, click on one of the entries and thatś it. You created a VPN connection which is directly activated.
You can repeat this for every entry you like so you can choose from different VPN connections.
Remember though…every time you log in you will have to activate one of the VPN connections manually unless you build a script around it. Good luck and if you have questions: peergynnt@riseup.net.

Thanks PeerGynnt. Once I realized network-manager worked I did essentially what you said. The safervpn web site
had a couple extra details (like click on ‘use lzo compression’) and they have their own list of exit points.
And, as you say, one has to activate manually, which I consider a feature. it’s usually hard enough at a hotel to
get wifi working without having the machine trying to open vpn at the same time… Anyone using a Debian base is likely
going to find most any vpn supplier easy to work with.