VPN Providers & Corporate Relationships

This is an interesting network diagram that someone put together to illustrate links between well-known VPN providers and corporate entities; click on or search for any name/icon/tag in the display or side panel to see details:

It’s hosted at Kumu: https://kumu.io/about

P.S. The VPN information is not necessarily unbiased; judge for yourselves.


That’s nice, although I would have liked a bigger font between the nodes.

Although I did find out if I click on one, a sidebar appears on the left explaining it.

Now I just have to do a control+ to recognize the icons.

Does anyone see Beijing Telecom or Huawei in there?

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Scroll wheel on the mouse zooms in and out. Using the search box will take you directly to the item.

There’s no reference to Beijing, but Private Internet Access did make a deal with “3 Hong Kong” network to provide VPN services to its subscribers… so, yeah, kinda sort Beijing.

No Huawei.

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in 2011 there was a NSA document leaked describing over 200 vpn companies and the compromises they inccurr. should make a map of which vpns cannot be trusted vs how many vps there are.


You will need a citation for that claim.

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Seems likely this is the referenced event https://hacker10.com/internet-anonymity/secret-documents-show-the-nsa-is-spying-on-vpn-users/

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Okay, I will assume it is for the merit of this discussion.

Clearly, no VPN can be trusted for protecting your anonymity if your threat model is the NSA or any three-letter agency, and there have been multiple (ongoing) efforts to deanonymize Tor users by them as well. Once your VPN is discovered, they will surveil it, then it is only a matter of time for them to build a profile and case.

VPNs can be trusted for breaking geo-fences, but so can Tor.

Let us not forget single letter plus single digit (X#) agences aligned with four letter agencies (XXXX).

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Honestly at this point I just simply distrust all entities that use acronyms for their names.

Right, its um in the NSA leaked documents by Snowden, available on wiki leaks or cryptome and is part of the Vault 7 release. :smiley: and you are welcome


Thank you, I appreciate your followup.

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