VPN? Virtualshie1d specifically: an OK choice?

(Purposeful mispelling of the name :wink:
Hi. So I’ve been asked by the mother of a friend, here in the USA (Pacific NorthWest, whether “VirtualShie1d” VPN is “good” at $99 for a 3 year contract. Trustworthiness is the key here, and ease of use. She is wise enough to appreciate greater privacy… her most sensitive data will just be run of the mill email and Web surfing… with a sprinkling of some enthusiasm for conspiracy theories.

She uses an Android phone (which I tweaked to help her have SOME more privacy than the default). She is not tech literate… at all. I wouldn’t give her Lineage OS etc.

(Am not asking that anyone do research for me… but if someone knows that the specific service is a bunch of turkeys, that would be good to know).

That the VPN calls themselves the easiest and fastest VPN is, I assume, nonsense. Am just looking to help her gain at least the illusion of more privacy… from at least some entities… while helping her to not get in bed with a turd of a company.

But hey, if a good enuff VPN can really cost $3 a month, I may be interested for myself too.

Please feel free to DM me if you don’t want to state preferences publicly etc.

Any advice or feedback on which VPN service would be a good fit would be appreciated… no need for a Cadillac, but don’t want a Pinto either.

Thanks… Y’all are the best.
(Am attaching a Screenshot of an ad… if that breaks our rules, my apologies)

They don’t seem to support linux but looks ok I guess.
I use this a a source of info…

Good luck.


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Thank you Russ. I will run with it. Thanks for the resource. Appreciated.

Found one. Good price. Password manager feature included. 5,000+ physical servers… works with all equipment I may be using.

Now for the 30 day test in terms of speed etc.

Thanks again @Russ

FYI: I had signed up myself for N0RD… but decided to cancel after some digging (including reading in the forums here). And so the search will continue! Is a process LOL.

I use perfect privacy, myself. Their privacy policy is basically “please don’t do anything illegal on here, we have no logs and thus can’t do anything about it.”


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Only VPN you should trust!