Vulkan support to Librem 5

GTK the main libraries for Phosh now has support for Vulkan, now we need the Libre Vulkan driver to get the Enormous benefits to Librem 5

  • Community fundraiser to initial develop a Libre Vulkan driver is required.
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Just a side note: It’s not GIMP ToolKit anymore, that was back when it was still called GTK+. Nowadays it’s just GTK. :blush:.

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I talked with Alyssa Rosenzweig the collabora developer to implement vulkan to L5, but she said it busy ATM.
Also i talked with Christian Smeiner, Christian told me he already has a Librem 5 and that he is ready to support vulkan or gles3.0 to L5 but he want to be sponsored by purism @todd-weaver


That is IF it gets to ship…

GLES 3.0 WIP for L5, and heading for Vulkan

Christian Gmeiner:

I am working on gles3.0. Will land it piece by piece in mesa master and
therefore in the next releases. Let's see how fast I am :)

Thank you, in concrete terms, what would this change? OS fluidity? Video fluidity? thanks

Yes video fluidity and modern graffic render

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That’s definitely a nice thing. Videos are fluid enough in my opinion, but phone gets too hot and drain battery a lot while playing videos. Am I correct thinking it will improve both, too? What’s your opinion?

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How you playing the videos in Firefox, Epiphany, Mpv, Totem?

Oh yes, forgot to tell about … Firefox fullscreen.

Firefox doesn’t do any kind of video acceleration at the moment. Epiphany does for some formats.

That was an unexpected answer. Epiphany doesn’t fit other more important needs. So I guess I have to live with the warming. Thanks for reply.

There is rumors that Firefox v116 will come with H.264 Hard Accel by V4L2M2M-FFMPEG and v117 or v118 for VP8/VP9 too.

I will test this features in GNU Icecat as Firefox does not true Free Software so i not using Firefox but Epiphany.

That sounds great (and thx for link). Unfortunately FFesr (and also IceCat) is v102 and will take a huge time until v116+. But for people who could wait that long for L5 are also able to wait for this feature.

My pleasure. Stay Librem5.

This will not take long time and the features will available may be in ffesr 102.13 or 102.14.

I hope that @dos will enable V4L2M2M in FFMPEG in Pure OS as in last time that i checked this feature is not enabled.

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GLES 3.0 RoadMap for GNU_Librem 5

  • carlosgonz: How going GLES3.0?
  • christian Gmeiner: Really great… all the pieces are coming together. Next big part I
    want to land is MRT support
    followed by the new backend compiler.

Purism Community


Thanks 0xd05

I will Verify what type of format it supporting…

Purism Community

Awesome to see progress on that front. Have you heard anything on Vulkan as well? I assume it’s on the TODO?

First sorry for late reply.
Vulkan does Not on Todo list on Etnaviv ATM. But GLES3.0.
The Year 2023 in Retrospect | Christian Gmeiner Enjoy it!
christian already own one Librem 5.

Purism Community

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