Vulkan support to Librem 5

GTK the main libraries for Phosh now has support for Vulkan, now we need the Libre Vulkan driver to get the Enormous benefits to Librem 5

  • Community fundraiser to initial develop a Libre Vulkan driver is required.
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Just a side note: It’s not GIMP ToolKit anymore, that was back when it was still called GTK+. Nowadays it’s just GTK. :blush:.

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I talked with Alyssa Rosenzweig the collabora developer to implement vulkan to L5, but she said it busy ATM.
Also i talked with Christian Smeiner, Christian told me he already has a Librem 5 and that he is ready to support vulkan or gles3.0 to L5 but he want to be sponsored by purism @todd-weaver


That is IF it gets to ship…