Waiting for refund since dec 2021

In 2017 purism did a crowdfunding to develop a privacy and security centered

phone. Delivery they said was planned in 2019. Since then there have been

multiple occasions where they sheduled this to a later date.
Almost 4 years later they where able to ship a phone with basic functions. Due

to the fact that i had to wait so long for a device i did bought another phone

and when they where ready to ship i asked for a refund which they clearly state

you can do once your device is ready for shipping.

I have asked for this refund in dec 2021 and i was told it would take a few

weeks and then would be refunded.
A few weeks later it was not refunded so i contacted them again and then was

told i had to wait until the first week of april and the money would be refuned

I told them this was not exceptable but they told me i had to wait.

After the first week of april i checked if they did the refund which they did

not. When i contact them now several times they finally answer that they still

can not give me a date. This is not acceptable since i funded them in december

2017 and i have not seen any of my money while almost 4 and a half year past.