Wallpaper images with an ICC profile other than sRGB

This is not a post about monitor colour calibration — at the moment I’m not dealing with it yet. Today I noted that setting as the wallpaper pictures with the embedded Adobe RGB profile doesn’t work. While opening them with the default tool renders them nicely, as wallpaper they look bad, as it usually happens when code wrongly assumes that the profile is sRGB.
Is it a known problem?

I can’t answer the question but GIMP frequently invites me to convert the colour space when loading an image of dubious provenance. Can you use GIMP to avoid the problem?

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I worked around that easily with imagemagick in the command line (I have a script that changes background every five minutes).

    convert "$IMAGE" -profile "$HOME/scripts/lib/sRGB_ICC_v4_Appearance.icc" "$IMAGE_RGB"

The ICC file can be freely downloaded from the web. But if this happens to everyone I think it’s a bug (in Gnome?) that needs to be fixed.

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My suspicion is that you have a more sophisticated digital camera than “everyone”. :wink: I would guess that the reason that I have not seen this problem is that my camera simply always produces images using a default sRGB colour space.

Yes, most people produces/export photos in sRGB; but it is not uncommon to have other profiles. Anyway, the point is that opening correctly an image with any embedded profile is straightforward; if I open the files with xdg-open they are handled correctly… so why the wallpaper should be an exception?

Also - assuming that we are talking about JPEG - the metadata format is fairly quirky. It would be easy for any given application to miss or misunderstand the correct colour space.