[Want to buy] a (refurbished) librem 14 6 core

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The Librem 14 is most definitely 6 core. I take it therefore that the budget doesn’t extend as far as just buying a Librem 14 new?

The Librem 13 (I believe) is 2 core. I think the Librem 15 might be the same CPU (in the last released version of the Librem 15). So really the Librem 14 is what you want if you want 6 cores.

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then it’ll be a librem 14 i guess :slight_smile:

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I have an open box librem 14v1 for sale. U.S.A. shipping only. Priced to SELL

Librem 14v1
Perfect condition
64 GB Ram
1 TB Pro Nvme ssd
Privacy screen (oem) installed
Comes with core boot and Librem key
Comes with both oem PureOS and QubesOS install media.