Wanting Librem Key after purchase of Coreboot SEABios

I accidentally did not add the PureBoot Bundle option for the new Librem 14 laptop I now have-- but I notice you CAN purchase the Librem Key separately for $60USD under “products” so the simple Q is, because I have “coreboot SEABios”, is it totally pointless to buy the LibremKey if my purpose is to want to use the cool “red light/green light” functioning of seeing if laptop was tampered with or has a backdoor built into it?

My field is NOT computers (obviously) so please feel free to “dumb down” your answer, no offense taken at all :slight_smile:

Hi @johnstamos001, welcome to the Community!

AFAIK you can flash Pureboot yourself using coreboot utility. Of course it should work with a new Librem Key. And if you’re not comfortable with Pureboot, you can flash Coreboot again. The link contains instructions. If you have any questions, feel free to ask here.

See also: https://docs.puri.sm/PureBoot/GettingStarted.html#oem-factory-reset.