Warnings about deprecated CRYPTSETUP

My (new) Librem 13 is running beautifully. Disk is encrypted. Almost everything fine.

On several occasions (eg. ‘sudo apt get update && sudo apt-get upgrade’) i’ll get deprecation-warnings about CRYPTSETUP like the following:

WARNING: Setting CRYPTSETUP in /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf is deprecated and will stop working in the future. Use /etc/cryptsetup-initramfs/conf-hook instead.

Do i have to worry about those messages? If i understand correctly, CRYPTSETUP is used for encrypting my disk. If that should stop working, that absolutely doesn’t sound good to me??

It shouldn’t cause any troubles, you can try adding "CRYPTSETUP=y" in /etc/cryptsetup-initramfs/conf-hook and see if it will help.


Mladen, thanks a lot! You’re advice did the trick. Problem solved. Question answered. Cheers

Okay, I’ve created a wiki entry, it might be of help to other users: https://tracker.pureos.net/w/troubleshooting/cryptsetup_setting_deprecated/