Warped librem 15v3 chassis

Anyone have any issue with chassis warping? I’ve noticed the center lower (keyboard) component bent inward & the top (monitor) component slightly outward. No known accident/event. Suspect related to being in backpack with another laptop - though never had this issue with other laptops carrying them the same way.

Only potential associated malfunction seems to be if downward pressure exerted on laptop when held in lap, the trackpad button erroneously clicks - this issue I’ve found evident on librem 13v3 but with the 13 tightening the laptop screws seemed to resolve. Otherwise the laptop just looks a little weird.

Should the chassis be thickened? Or should there be buttressing of internal components to reduce the incidence of this? Any potential repair ideas?

i will edit this reply once my librem 15 arrives. i don’t think it’s a manufacturing fault. could it be customs misshandling or something along the shipping route occuring (bumps or other high impact) ?

It was definitely not warped when I first received it. Only after being lugged around in a backpack with a protected case. However, that this computer has become warped and multiple others I carry the same way haven’t - thus it makes me wonder if the design could be strengthened.

as far as i know the chasis is made of aluminium.
i had my concerns when i saw that the construction is not perfectly rectangular but rather curved (looking from the side). it might be that such round shapes do not offer the same level of structural integrity as rectangular ones do.